Video Attendance System

  • Students/ office goers attendance marking through face recognition
  • The faces will be viewed either through stationary camera or mobile camera.
  • System will identify and recognise the person and mark attendance

Inventory Optimization

  • Spare Parts Management
  • Production Raw Material Inventory
  • Product / Service Inventory
  • Consumer Goods Inventory
  • General Store Inventory

Web Apps

  • Help Desk
  • Feedback
  • User Satisfaction
  • Intelligent Chatbot
  • Service Request
  • Question Answers
  • Web Analytics
  • Fulfilment
  • User Voice
  • Contact Center
  • Payment Gateway
  • Newsletters
  • Online forms
  • Registration
  • User Subscription
  • Monitor and Test Network performance

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Chatbot -Access

Intelligence Advisor Chatbot

This chatbot is capable of interacting with users through multiple channels such as Google Assistant, website "Intelligence Advisor", Facebook messenger, Microsoft Skype, Slack, Twitter, Telephony and in multiple languages.

Sounds interesting then download the user manual and start chatting.

IoT for Home Appliance

IoT (Internet of thing) enabled solution provide extensive control of Home device either through Mobile Apps or Web enabled apps.

The basic requirement is to take care of home affairs when the key persons are away from home leaving behind old age family members or children. There are many instances where old parents / children want to switch off or switch on lights / fans / AC / Geysers etc. but not able to do it due to physical ailment. Solution to this is remote control of switches / sensors, which one can achieve through IoT enabled solution.

Agile Intelligence has come up with very economical and handy devices, which will allow to take care completely through remote controls.

The system is very simple but robust and reliable under all circumstances.  The following tasks can be done as per requirement

  1. Monitor and send alert in case of any intrusion or unknown person entering the house.
  2. Online video streaming, which will allow to see the real time video of the home.
  3. Switch on or off any switch related to lights, fans, A/Cs, Geysers, Washing Machines, and Dryers.

If interested to see the demo, please check here.

Social Data Analytics

The solution extracts data from various social media platforms and consolidates the findings.


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