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Migration of Website to Wordpress – Part 1

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Easy Solution for Website Maintenance

The website maintenance is a big challenge considering the changes / updates those need to be incorporated from time to time. Many MSME want to update website to events, product or service update etc. But the challenge remains about skill requirement and timeline. Everybody want the things should move fast in digital world. The major bottleneck remains with small Organizations where they cannot afford to keep full time employee or support contract to update the websites. This challenge has few ramifications options which are explained here as suggestions.

The website developed and maintained through conventional programming language like HTML, ASP, JSP, PHP etc. can be migrated to WordPress (An online, open source website creation tool written in PHP). The migration to WordPress makes operation and maintenance of the website very easy and simple because these are template based. The website can be easily maintained by non-technical staffs by simply going through some basic training process.

Migration from conventional website to WordPress

This ease of maintenance and saving in development effort and time makes WordPress very popular among many entrepreneurs looking to reduce their IT overhead costs. For more detail about WordPress, please visit WordPress .

Factors influencing to Migrate to WordPress

Some indicative statistics are provided below on effort and time required for installation of additional features. The plugins play a critical role in minimising the effort for adding new features. Readily available 500+ themes and 56000+ plugins makes the process very easy and simple in WordPress. All themes and Plugins with basic features are free of cost which makes it very attractive. There are themes and plugins available on commercial basis to meet little complex and advance requirements.

Migration to WordPress based on Business priority

Migration to WordPress is carried out in multiple stages based on the priority of business requirement. The easiest method is to identify the below categories of requirements and evaluate each requirement to arrive at the execution sequence. The sequencing of activities is based on business criteria.

  • Basic Requirement
  • Advance Requirement
  • SEO Requirement

Each of the above area is explained in detail and indicates which functionality should be considered in each phase / category. However it will differ to some degree from one to another Organisation / Individual.

Basic requirement in Website

This will involve the basic features such as the main menu and sub-menu, text, image, audio and video file for each menu and sub-menu. This requirement drives decision on installation of select plugins in the first phase. These requirements help to provide basic features of the website and facilitate to gather initial feedback from the website's visitor.

WordPress Plugin Summary Basic

Features / FunctionsDetail of features / functionsPlugin VendorBasic set up time in Hrs
Anti-spamPrevent spam on the siteAkismet Anti-spam1
Contact UsThis will accept user name, email, message and send mail to support teamNinja Forms1
Create TablesTables can be used in Pages or PostsTablePress1
Download Monitor This will upload and monitor download contents. And send email with link and display inline linkDownload Monitor
Email Before Download
Contact form 7
Email IntegrationFor receiving mail from contact us, subscribers, downloads and other interfacesWP SMTP Email1
File UploadUploading Media / filesWordPress Upload1
Multi-language SupportTranslate to different languagesGoogle Website Translator1
Sharing Page on Social MediaShare Page / Posts on social mediaSocial Media Share Buttons1
User RegistrationUser Registration and LoginEasy Registration form1
WordPress EditorEditing Page / Post ContentsBeaver Builder Booster,
Beaver Page Builder

To learn more about Migration requirement on Advance Requirements, please check here.

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