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Migration of Website to WordPress – Part 3

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SEO Requirements

SEO requirement focuses on improving the visibility of website contents in pages and posts through search engines. Every search engine has its own method of authentication, crawling, frequency and many other criteria for searching and indexing your website. Keeping all these points the SEO functionalities should be prioritized to ensure appearance in the topmost position Google, Bing and other search engines.

SEO also include improving customer experience in terms of response time, effective page / post design. Some key functionality mentioned below:-

  • Image size reduction
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Meta information
  • Remove Query String
  • Remove unwanted data
  • Server Side Caching
  • Sitemap of website
  • Using 404 Plugin
  • Video Optimization
  • Site Analytics

In addition the below checklist should be followed to ensure the effectiveness of website for SEO.

Checklist for Optimizing Content

Whenever you write a new article or post, make sure the following are implemented to ensure that the post is fully optimized.

  • Write the best content that you possibly can
  • Write good post titles containing your keywords
  • Shorten your permalinks where necessary and make sure they contain your keywords
  • Use your H2's and H3's appropriately
  • Add internal links all the time if possible and link to external authority sites where relevant
  • Make sure images have the ALT text field
  • Write a great meta description or use rich snippets

Optimizing Plugins

Plugins are extremely useful for building great WordPress websites but using the wrong one or having too many of them installed will slow down your site and affect your optimization.

Below are a few tips to help you better manage and optimize your plugins.

  • Avoid using heavy weight plugins that have many features when you are using only a few of them e.g. Jetpack
  • Delete all inactive plugins
  • Where possible, insert code manually to your site rather than using a plugin e.g. adding Google Analytics
  • Deactivate ongoing scans causing high resource usage e.g. Wordfence live traffic report
  • Don’t forget to delete Hello Dolly and WordPress Importer which people often leave

WordPress Plugin Summary for SEO

Features / FunctionsDetail of features / functionsPlugin VendorBasic set up time in Hrs
Total Effort in Hrs10
Image size reductionReduce image file sizes, improve performance and boost your SEO Smush1
Leverage Browser CachingLeverage Browser CachingLeverage Browser Caching1
Meta informationManage all Meta informationWP Meta SEO1
Remove Query String Remove Query Strings From Static ResourcesRemove Query Strings From Static Resources1
Remove unwanted datatool for automatically cleaning your WordPress database so that it runs at maximum efficiencyWP Optimize1
Server Side CachingCaching data / files on the server side W3 Total Cache1
Sitemap of websiteCreate Site Map XML file of the websiteYoast SEO plugin / Google XML 1
Using 404 PluginThe error page for missing pages / postsForty Four - 404 Plugin 1
Video OptimizationOtpimizes the video filesWP Video SEO1
Site AnalyticsProvide statistics about visitors, activities, geography etc.Google Analytics / MonsterInsights / Jetpack1

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