Location: Mumbai, India


Business Enabled

Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing Industry is undergoing a significant transformation from Industry 3.0 to 4.0 in developing countries, where the adoption of technology has been a bit slow. The manufacturing industry is facing many challenges, and IT is coming to rescue in many cases. Some of the critical problems and solutions are shown here.

Challenges in Manufacturing Sector

  • Forecasting Demand for Products
  • Controlling/Optimizing Inventory
  • Improving Efficiency at Manufacturing Plants
  • Increasing ROI
  • Skilled Labor Shortage
  • Managing Sales Leads
  • Coping with New Technological Advances

Our Leads / Customers

  • Process Manufacturing
  • Engineering goods Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing
  • Food, Beverage, and Tobacco.
  • Textiles, Leather, and Apparel.
  • Wood, Paper, and Printing.
  • Petroleum, Coal, Chemicals, Plastics and Rubber.
  • Nonmetallic Mineral.
  • Primary Metal, Fabricated Metal, and Machinery.
  • Computer and Electronics.

Our Solution for Manufacturing Industry

  • Forecasting Demand for Products: Demand forecast challenge for finished product will be there to a different degree depending on the product type like fast-moving or slow-moving or seasonal, price of the product, customer location, raw material location, and many other factors. To overcome all key challenges, we offer Odoo modules out of the box with add on AL / ML modules, which will be able to forecast with higher accuracy.  
  • Controlling/Optimizing Inventory: Inventory optimizations depend on the forecast reliability and supplier reliability. We offer Odoo modules to overcome these challenges with add on customization depending on specific requirements.
  • Improving Efficiency at Manufacturing Plants: Productivity improvement at every level of operation plays a significant role in enhancing the productivity of the manufacturing plant. We offer a range of Odoo modules to help improve productivity.
  • Increasing ROI: We ensure the IT solution implementation improves productivity, and return on investment proves economical than any other measure.
  • Skilled Labor Shortage: We provide eLearning to help in developing and Organizing training program for employees and vendors.
  • Managing Sales Leads: We provide Odoo modules to help you in Sales and Lead Management effectively.
  • Coping with New Technological Advances: We provide the latest technology combining with best practices, standards, and guidelines.