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Chatbot Use Cases

Business Enabled

Value Propositions for AI enabled Chatbot

The value based solutions "Chatbot" provide high return on investment and make MSME highly competitive. The satisfied customer brings more value than a simple asset of the Organizations. Chatbot adoption is proving to make customer happy and satisfied. Some of the key values are highlighted here:

Customer Segments

  • Mass Market – Can be done to address concern of all customers
  • Niche Market – Can be done to address only concerns of niche Customers

Key Activities

  • Capture Customer queries
  • Assessment using Artificial Intelligence
  • Provide response
  • Contact SME in case not able to respond.
  • Build own data periodically.

Key Resources

  • Server for data processing
  • Conversation related data for all applications
  • IT support persons for running application and sharing the recommendations


Improve customer experience through various requirements

  • Sales Queries
  • Billing Issues
  • New product / service marketing
The value proposition of Chatbot is mentioned here:-
  • Chatbot Jobs
  • Listen and assess the Queries
  • Rephrase the queries for confirmation
  • Provide relevant answer / response to the queries
  • Pass on information to concerned if no relevant answer available
  • Close the conversation
  • Pain Relievers
  • Minimum Human intervention
  • Fast and to the point response
  • Provide a response that is agreed and approved by management
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Gain Creators
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quick response
  • Product quality improvement
  • Improve cross sell business
  • Minimize personal bias in response
Chatbot Banking and Finance

BFSI (Banking, Finance Services and Insurance)

Chatbot for Banking and Finance
  • Banking Operations
  • Customer queries handling
  • Sharing Bank Offerings
  • Risk Assessment and Approval of Loans
Chatbot for Government

Government Organisations Use Cases

Chatbot for Government
  • Mass communication on Government Services, facilities to citizens
  • Mass education on public services - civic sense, healthcare, children’s welfare, Women empowerment, women’s safety
  • Employment opportunity – Which sector will provide what kind of employment
  • Business Opportunity – What is Government top priority to promote investment
  • Tourism - Search sights, entertainment and transport
  • Cultural Activities – Events for participation, contribution etc.
Chatbot for Educational Institute

Educational Institute Use Cases

Chatbot for Educational Institute
  • Science Quiz / Measurement Unit Converter
  • Admission Process
  • Institute Rules and Regulations
  • Faculty availability and allocation
Chatbot for NGO

NGO (Non-Government Organizations) Use Cases

Chatbot for NGO
  • Provide Advisory Service to other NGOs
  • Provide help and information to victims
  • Share progress and information to stakeholders / donors
  • Remote education of basic objectives of the NGO
Chatbot for Hotel and Restaurant

Hotel / Restaurant Use Cases

Chatbot for Hotel and Restaurant
  • Food Order processing
  • Handling customer queries
  • Handling delivery / billing queries
  • Room / Restaurant Booking
  • Taking customer feedback

FMCG / Retail Use Cases

  • Brand promotions
  • Conversion of leads
  • Order Related queries
  • Offerings and Discounts
Chatbot for Airlines

Airlines / Aviation Use Cases

AI Airlines
  • Flight Booking and FAQ
  • Improving customer experience by optimizing operational nuisance
  • Improving Customer Engagement
  • Response to customer inquiries and responding to voice commands.