Location: Mumbai, India

Development / Customisation

Business Enabled

Development Competency

Building a high-quality product is the end goal for any organization, but the software development process is evolving while automation is becoming rampant, and new tools and libraries are emerging daily. It has been a big challenge to simulate all real life situations in test environment and at the same time to get real data / input for testing purpose.

Challenges in Development

  • Project Infrastructure
  • Development Expectations and Outcome
  • Unclear Vision between Project leadership and Developer
  • Lack of Communication between Team Members
  • Quality assurance, lack of quality standards
  • Misjudging Overall Costs and Overspending
  • Complexity of Integrating Different Systems and Technologies
  • Lack of Proper Expertise Among In-House Developers
  • Test Environment Duplication
  • Security Infrastructure

Development Methodology

Agile Iterative Method

We provide continuous delivery through an iterative approach for design, development, and implementation. We have extensive experience in the Agile Development process using Scrum and story. And also, we have established a method for extension or customize development for COTS products.

DevOps Development

As DevOps practitioner, we help the client to establish the cross-functional mode of working. We use different sets of tools—referred to as ‘toolchains’ to ensure all processes involved in the integration, implementation, and development are adequately covered.

  • Coding – development, review, management, and merging of code.
  • Building – continuous integration tools build status.
  • Testing – continuous testing tools that provide quick and timely feedback on business risks.
  • Packaging – artifact repository, application pre-deployment staging.
  • Releasing – change management, release approvals, release automation.
  • Configuring – infrastructure configuration and management, infrastructure as code tools.
  • Monitoring – applications performance monitoring, and end-user experience.

Customization of Out of Box Product

We take up customization of various modules based on Gap Analysis and its recommendation by the client. It is a challenging task to meet the client requirement within the stipulated budget and time constraint on many occasions. Customization refers to some elements which are not required globally by any organization, and it is to take of country-specific, industry-specific, and organization-specific statutory legal requirement and few best practices.

We take up customisation job in below areas

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Operations
  • Manufacturing
  • Website and eCommerce
  • Productivity Tools
  • AI / ML and Chatbot

Solutions for Effective Development

  • Project Infrastructure on Cloud environment works out economical and readily available.
  • The vision of the project is defined and signed off between Project leadership and Developer
  • Effective Communication policy, protocol, and tools help in establishing confidence at the start  between Team Members
  • Overall cost monitoring through various techniques like earned value, change management, and early warning help in cost control.
  • Integration Framework, standards, guidelines and best practices are put in place to deal with the Complexity of Integrating Different Systems and Technologies
  • Experts hiring on a part-time basis in case of the team lack expertise among In-House Developers
  • A virtual test environment and simulated testing techniques help to mitigate all types of risk due to a lack of test coverage.