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Customer Satisfaction through Chatbot

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Problem Statement:

The owner was not able to manage the call for food order through the regular telephone channel
One restaurant had a severe problem of managing customer calls during peak hours at lunchtime (12:30 PM to 2:00 PM) and dinner time (7:30 PM to 9:30 PM). Usually, the restaurant had one landline and two mobile phones, which is handled by the owner or employee depending on availability. Typically customer call lasts for 6 minutes on an average. Still, many times the customer use to complain of a busy number and switching to other competitive restaurants after 1-2 attempts.

Solutions to the Problem

To overcome this problem, the restaurant owner opted for partnering with food aggregators, which will take order on behalf of the restaurant but with a commission and a lot of other conditions affecting profitability.
Considering these points, Agile Intelligence developed a chatbot integrated with POS (Point of Sale – Billing Software) that will not only take the order but provide delivery status through Email and SMS as per requirement. With the implementation of Chatbot, the customer satisfaction level went up, and the customers able to place the order without fail.

Call detail Statistics

The volume of calls received during peak load time indicates here that it will need more human resources to handle the requests. Next, the statistics show how with less workforce, the same volume of calls managed along with Chatbot without any issue and improved customer satisfaction.
Overall on average, 288 calls received per day, out of which 253 requests handled using Chatbot, and the remaining 35 calls dealt with through staff.

Calls through Chatbot

Call Statistics per day

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