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Operation – Transformation – Growth

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IT Solution for MSME

Operation: For improving productivity and controlling cost

Operational transformation in the organization is made possible through the adaption of best practices, global standards, industry guidelines, and innovative software tools. Core areas that we focus on improvement are as below

  • Process Automation for all operations
  • Introduction of new product and services in minimum time
  • Collaboration and Communication among various team members
  • Enhancing managed services for improving customer experience
  • Quality and testing automation
  • Maintenance and repair automation
  • Accounting and finance automation
  • Sales automation

Transformation: To stay competitive in the market

The technology adaption and business model changes are happening at a rapid pace, and it is essential to transform and upgrade the system, processes, technology, and people to stay competitive in the market. We are working in all areas to help our MSME client adapt technology to remain competitive and relevant in the fiercely competitive market.  Core areas that we focus on transformation are as below

  • AI / ML Add on Modules
  • IoT based Integration
  • Chatbot for Customer satisfaction
  • Business Process transformation for adaption of global standards, best practices, and Industry guidelines
  • Technology up-gradation and scrapping of the legacy system
  • Introduction of productivity tools

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Growth: To meet and exceed the mission and vision

The growth of the organization plays a significant role in its survival and provides security to its employees, management, and stakeholders. Any saturation in the extension leads to monotony, fear, and dissatisfaction among staff and management.

We have innovative tools to overcome stagnancy in growth, and we help MSME to grow in the most adverse economy through the creative application of various instruments in the organization. Core areas that we focus on growth areas as below

  • Marketing
    • Marketing Automation
    • Bulk Email Marketing
    • SMS Marketing
    • Social Media marketing
  • Sales Automation
  • Customer Engagement
  • eCommerce and online marketing
  • SEO and SEM

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