Location: Mumbai, India

Computer Vision Use Cases

Business Enabled

Computer Vision has many applications in real life world. Out of myriad list of use cases, we have shortlisted top priority use cases. These use case implementation provide the highest return on investment as on date.

Why Computer Vision is Important

  • Computer vision can play a major role in solving problems with image, video file processing
  • Technology, Tools and Solutions easily available in the market such as software, hardware, camera and solution platform
  • The return on investment is reasonably high to the order 20+ %, which is way above alternative means or technology for solving similar problem
  • Operation and maintenance of the solution can be managed through non-technical staffs, which makes it more popular among commoners.
Monitoring and Alerts

Surveillance, Monitoring and Alerts

The Monitoring and Alert mechanism uses deep learning in the solution. The inclusion of deep learning model helps us to improve reliability in identification of known and unknown person and send alerts through Email, SMS or any messaging apps on real time.