Location: Mumbai, India

Chatbot Overview

Business Enabled

A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet. This program can be developed based on specific need and priority of the Organization. It can be targeted for customers, partners, employees and stakeholders.

Why AI enabled Chatbot is the right choice

  • Intelligent Chatbots promise to be a faster way to deliver customer service, and a useful channel for driving customer loyalty.
  • AI Chatbots are being created taking advantage of emerging technology for consumers in the hospitality and fast-food industries, to better their customer service and maximize their productivity and profitability.
  • There is immediate need for avoiding “intrusive” nature human customer service representatives.
  • Reference: According to the 2017 US Mobile Consumer Report, while “more than half of consumers have yet to see a Chatbot,” 65% would be fully comfortable engaging with a company via Chatbot;

Objectives of Chatbots

  • To transform the enterprise to engage the customers.
  • Connecting disparate Business functions together
  • Creating a compelling experience for the customers
  • Simplifying Customer journeys leading to cash

How it will benefit for NGOs

  • Chatbot is always cost effective as replaces support personnel and take care of their job.
  • NGOs team members find the repeated queries and questions about their functioning which can be handled by Chatbot very effectively.
  • Many times customer / people served by the NGOs lose patience to get the right information about the kind of help and support they can get, which can be catered through Chatbot.
  • As Chatbot improves its response based on inputs from user for a period of time, the final response becomes more mature and reliable over a period of time.
  • Privacy is maintained through Chatbot as the conversation is not accessible to all members of NGOs.

What future holds for Chatbot

  • Chatbot provide a unified communication platform for enterprise
  • Internal enterprise communications
  • Enterprise Peer to Peer Chat Assistant
  • Enterprise Search Engine
  • Chatbot can be used for initiating Video Conferencing