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ArcticTern Guide

Business Enabled

Installation and Configuration Guidelines

The steps for installation and configuration of Arctic Tern Classic Model is mentioned here.


  • All items of Arctic Tern Package
  • 1 x Monitor with HDMI Cable
  • 1 x keyboard and Mouse Set


  1. First fix the box on a rigid surface close to electrical power point.
  2. Next Plugin your USB keyboard and Mouse into the USB slots on the Arctic Tern Box (There are 4 USB 2.0 slots available and any slot can be used)
  3. Make sure your display monitor or TV is turned on and that you have selected the right input (HDMI 1 or 2 etc.)
  4. Then connect your HDMI cable from Arctic Tern Box to the TV Monitor / Display Monitor.
  5. Then connect Arctic Tern Box to Internet with below options
  6. Option 1 – RJ45 LAN Ethernet Network.
  7. Option 2 – Wireless Network through Wi-Fi. (This is done after switching on the Arctic Tern box)
  8. When you are happy that you have plugged in all cables, finally plug in the micro USB power supply 5V DC (This is located to next to HDMI port). This action will turn on and boot your Arctic Tern system.
  9. When everything work fine and you are able to connect to internet, plug in the second micro USB power supply of 5V DC. This power supply is mainly for sensors and cooling fan.

Note: Use the same USB power supply unit of 3.1 A capacity with 3 slots supplied with the Arctic Tern box.