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We offer support and maintenance plans that account for expected and unexpected software issues across a range of software modules, systems, and devices after implementation of software or project sign off.

AMC support agreement price is dependant on many factors like SLA and scope, and for detail, please refer here.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Annual maintenance Contract includes formal support for a specific period and maintenance requirement. Software maintenance work executed based on main categories:

Corrective Maintenance

Often referred to as "bug" maintenance, corrective maintenance understood as correcting user reported errors in source code. Corrective maintenance is the most urgent type of software maintenance, but, unlike support, focuses on low priority "bugs" and is commonly regarded as triaging enhancement requests rather than fixing defects.

Preventive Maintenance

As its name suggests, preventive maintenance is the practice of taking precautionary measures to ensure software continues running as it should. Preventive maintenance focuses on decreasing the likelihood of unanticipated effects of evolving operating systems and devices which the software runs on.

Perfective Maintenance

During iterative development, perfective maintenance is defined as engineering after delivery to elevate the functionality and performance of the software. Spurred by user feedback, perfective maintenance accounts for the implementation of new features based on user submissions.

Adaptive Maintenance

The Need for Adaptive maintenance is to alter code in one part of the software due to apparent problems in another part of the system. Adaptive support is required when issues are caused by changes to the operating system, software dependencies, hardware, or business policies of a product, thus requiring changes to the codebase.

Our Software Support Process

When taking on a new contract, our support team drafts an SLA (Service Level Agreement), which outlines our response time and ensures our team's availability to your needs. With our remote software support services, our specialists can promptly handle your service requests through remote sessions upon receipt of your request.

Formal Request

After receiving your support request, the first step is to assign the right team based on the nature of the problem. The team identification follows after an initial discussion on the nature defect and type of support requirement. The level of support, by definition, is classified as levels 1, 2, and 3 based on the nature of the problem. We set up a meeting with you to discuss the current state of your software product, any recent changes made to the code, release updates, error messages, and any other potential factors that could have played a role in causation. The person assigned to the request continues until resolution.

Systems Analysis

Once our support team understands all the potential impacts of the defect, we assess your systems to identify the root cause. While analyzing systems does include reviewing the code attached to the dysfunctional feature or function, it also involves determining other possible causes such as out-of-date subscriptions and malware.

Solution Evaluation

Our software engineers often determine the number of solutions to resolve software defects. We scope out all potentially affected features before documenting procedures and impacts of all solutions to ensure code adjustments don't cause any other issues in your system. We then provide a recommendation and review all options with you to designate a route to resolution.