Location: Mumbai, India

AI / ML – Add On Modules

Business Enabled

Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine learning(ML) based solution giving excellence ROI to MSME in their regular business and hence playing a significant role as ‘value add services’ to existing conventional computing applications like ERP, CRM, eCommerce, Marketing and many other Enterprise applications. Now it is becoming quite economical to use AI/ML modules along with other Apps in a cloud environment.
We are working on various areas of application of AI / ML add on modules to improve business predictability and, in turn, profitability. Our core focus of work areas are as below



Chatbot - NLP based Customer Interface

We have developed Chatbot for various applications for multiple clients. The Chatbot proves economical in terms of implementation and operation as it helps in saving human resources and improving customer satisfaction in all forms.

It is an engaging voice & text-based conversational experience for web, apps, the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Cortana, Skype, Slack, WordPress, + other platforms & devices.

Features of Chatbot:

  • Vertical Specific
  • Multiple functions / intents
  • Rule-Based
  • Machine Learning,
  • Knowledge Connectors
  • Human Sentiment Analysis,
  • Multiple languages,
  • Multiple channels accessibility
  • Video, Image, Text, and Voice

The demo version of the Chatbot is available here on the website, and access through other channels. The detail is available on the downloads page.

Chatbot Channels

Chatbot Channels

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Data Analysis and AI

We have been helping clients in data collection, processing, cleaning, exploratory analysis, and data modelling and algorithm development. We have been working on a few widely use cases related to Inventory Management, Social Media Analytics. Apart from we are working on many more use cases listed. Our core focus area has been on predictions using Artificial Intelligence Tools, Technology, and Techniques.

Features: Inventory: Predict inventory requirement, Optimise Order qty, and stock qty.

Social: Predict Behavioural trend, Social unrest, inequality, inventory, and asset mobilization.

Computer Vision

Now the business is flooded with images, videos, and graphics that are available for various applications. Computer vision techniques are applied to extract information and predict the outcome like correctness, quality, surveillance, and many other areas.

Features:  face recognition, video scanning, and image scanning, deep learning, understand mood and expressions.

This solution will help to build intelligence to improve safety, security, and monitoring of mass gatherings and other activities across the state.

We are focusing on surveillance and monitoring solution where the future of CCTV and conventional video monitoring system lies.

We are developing solutions involving face recognition, which are applicable for School, College, and Office attendance system as an alternative to bio-metric enabled and card swiping solution.