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Free of Cost Offer to NGOs

Agile Intelligence will be happy to help NGOs in establishing their Goals and Objectives through IT Strategies. Agile Intelligence will offer below product / services free of cost to select group of NGOs. Any additional cost which is not under purview of "Agile Intelligence" is not considered for free of cost.

  • Website development / maintenance / update and SEO optimisation for select NGO (Non Government Organisations).
    • The Website domain and hosting cost will be borne by the NGO.
  • Chatbot implementation for multiple intents, channels and languages. Interested to know how it will help NGOs, click here.
  • AI Enabled solution like Computer Vision with multiple features.
  • AI Enabled solution like Inventory Management.
  • Assessment of Email / Messages / Other Communication requirement.
  • Assessment of video / audio conference requirement.

This above offer is valid till 31st December 2018. Any extension beyond 31st Dec 2018 is subject to terms and conditions.

For any queries, please contact us.