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Who We Are

We are an Artificial Intelligent start-up company founded in Jan 2015. We have a vision of building and delivering niche Artificial Intelligent IT solutions for our clients in MSME industry segments. We have deep subject matter knowledge and experience in Artificial Intelligence solutions, frameworks, platforms and design algorithms based on latest Research and Analysis trends from various leading Industry standard bodies and solutions providers like Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft.

Our solution focus is targeted towards two prime areas – User Experience and Operational Management. Based on our client interactions and deep market study we have formulated various industry segment based use cases on how we can device AI solutions to enhance and improve channel experience of users with end-to-end automation and optimize operational management with prescriptive and predictive intelligence.

Zero Cost to Customer

What We Do

We have developed prototype AI solutions - Chatbot, Human Face recognition and Inventory Management system and are in the process of building them into standard industry products incorporating various client use cases. We have a pragmatic approach of joining hands and collaborating with our clients to design and develop various use cases in an Agile way.

As a part of our Advisory Consulting services we provide Management, Technology and Process Consulting Services for our clients need. Our experience & expertise in these core areas coupled with our theme of solution with the right rhythm and synergy specific to our clients gives us the added lever to offer industry best and value driven services. We get involved with our clients team to define and scope out use cases and undertake extensive process and data modelling to design new systems, transform As-Is state to a target new state(To-Be) providing technology roadmap blueprint and program direction/governance.

We have started with an idea to achieve excellence in enabling our clients to become the leaders in their chosen markets. Within the framework of our solution and consulting areas and as business partners we would like to make a difference in how we help our clients with increased and improved values on a continuous basis to make them successful with a competitive advantage. We would like to bring in our client organization the right Focus, Alignment and Performance driven through result orientation and values to customers. We do it in accelerated, high-involvement ways that fuel deep commitment throughout client organization. We know that when you get the right people in the room, ask them the right questions, and give them the right environment and tools to engage in spirited dialogue and provide a Vision with a success Road Map, they will achieve extraordinary results.

Chatbot for Educational Institute

Who We Serve

Our focus has been on below verticals

  1. NGOs
  2. Government Organizations
  3. Educational Institutes
  4. MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)
  5. Telecom
  6. FMCG
  7. Airlines
Agile Intelligence Approach

Our Approach

We strictly follow agile process for development of any solution or services in the areas of AI / ML / Big Data. We are a process oriented enterprise which focuses on adoption best practices, standards, guidelines and frameworks for implementation.

Meet the Team

We are a group excellent team members working on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solution. Everyday we are improving in solutioning


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