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We bring agility
through intelligence.

Expert in Apps Integration, Implementation and Development.


We are offering Integration Service for Odoo and other vendor products of multiple technologies, Applications, Network.

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We are offering Implementation of various out of the box software of various product vendors.

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We have developed few product and done customisations of various applications, and products.

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Sales & Mktg.

Offering products to cater to te various requirements in Sales & Mktg. functions.

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Offering Products to
cater to the various
requirement in MSME

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Offering Products to
cater to the various
requirement in
Mfg. functions

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Offering Products to
cater to the various
requirement in Website
and eCommerce design,

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Chatbot & AI/ML

Offering Products to
cater to various
requirement of virtual
assistant with machine
learning capability

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Partnership with Odoo and customization possibilities

Agile Intelligence has become the partner of Odoo for trading, implementing, training, and supporting Odoo products for its clients. We can provide add on modules over and above Odoo modules for the clients.

A few things we’re great at

We have the expertise in the Integration, Implementation, and Development of Odoo products and we have developed product on Home automation, chatbot using AI/ML 


We bring experience, knowledge, and tools for MSME to stabilize operations in their day-to-day activities and optimize the cost of services. 


We help MSME to transform business processes, technology, and employee alignment through our years of expertise and research work. 


We fulfill the mission and vision of MSME by providing tools and expertise to increase revenue. The latest sales and marketing tools help them achieve the target quickly.


Secret of Customer Satisfaction through Chatbot

Problem Statement

The owner was not able to manage the call for food order through the normal telephone channel

One restaurant had a serious problem of managing customer calls during peak hours at lunchtime (12:30 PM to 2:00 PM) and dinner time (7:30 PM to 9:30 PM). Usually, the restaurant had one landline and 2 mobile phones, which is handled by the owner or employee depending on availability. Typically customer call lasts for 6 minutes on an average.  Still many times the customer use to complain of a busy number and switching to other competitive restaurants after 1-2 attempts.

Solution to Problem

To overcome this problem the restaurant owner opted for partnering with food aggregators which will take order on behalf of the restaurant but with a commission and a lot of other conditions affecting profitability.

Considering these points, Agile Intelligence developed a chatbot integrated with POS (Point of Sale – Billing Software) that will not only take the order but provide delivery status through Email and SMS as per requirement.                               

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Inventory Dashboard for Customer

Problem statement

The owner of a small size Organization was struggling to get instant information about inventory stock before confirming to the client. The data was not available in the mobile device as confirmation to the client should be made instantly in front of the client as the products were in the buyers’ market. 

Solution to the Problem

The dashboard of relevant reports for customer communication implemented. All data in the description could be retrieved instantly using the refresh mechanism, which helped the client accept 25% more orders than earlier in 3 months post-implementation.  


We have wide range of product and service offerings for MSME across all Industry verticals. In addition we have selected range of AI / ML based products.

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