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It is an engaging voice & text-based conversational experiences for web, apps, the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Cortana , Skype, Slack, WordPress  + other platforms & devices.

Features: Rule Based, Machine Learning, Knowledge Connectors, Human Sentiment Analysis, Multiple languages, multiple channels accessibility, multiple intents.

The demo version of the chatbot is available here in the website and access through other channels detail can be downloaded from downloads page.

The objective of this solution is to improve customer engagement and provide futuristic solution to conventional IVR , Website and other information sharing channels

Data Analysis & AI

We have been helping client in data collection, processing, cleaning, exploratory analysis and data modelling and algorithm development. We have been working on few widely use cases related to Inventory Management, Social Media Analytics. Apart from we are working on many more use cases listed. Our core focus area has been on predictions using Artificial Intelligence Tools, Technology and Techniques.

Features: Inventory : Predict inventory requirement, Optimise Order qty and stock qty.

Social: Predict Behavioural trend, Social unrest, inequality, inventory and asset mobilisation.

Computer Vision

Features:  face recognition, video scanning, and image scanning, deep learning, understand mood and expressions.

This solution will help to build intelligence to improve safety, security and monitoring of mass gathering and other activities across the state.

We are focusing on surveillance and monitoring solution where future of CCTV and conventional video monitoring system lies.

We have developed solution involving face recognition which can be used for School, College and Office attendance system as an alternative to bio-metric enabled and card swiping solution.

Arctic Tern Classic

A smart device never seen before! “Arctic Tern” acts like a humanoid with precision and accuracy. This device will help childcare, parental care, patient care, alert theft, intrusion, fire, gas leakage, and control Home Appliances such as lights, fan, AC, geysers, music system, refrigerator etc.

Salient Features

  1. Appliance Controls / Alerts
  2. Gas / Temperature/ Humidity Sensors
  3. Video Surveillance / Alerts
  4. Wall-top computer for routine work
  5. Alerts will be through SMS / Email / Shared directory
  6. Actions can be any possible logic switching on / off device ,
  7. Do not disturb timeline
  8. Limited alerts and limited actions
  9. Ready to Use system with minimum set up and installation work.
  10. Minimum human intervention requirement as everything is automatic.
  11. Intelligent enough to take self-decision based on requirement.

Please check the product brochure for more detail.

Arctic Tern
AI, IoT, Sensors

AI / ML Solution

We are committed to provide free IT services to all NGOs meeting our core business objectives.

We have been trying our level best to work on the state of the art technology with most economical means for development, deployment and operations of the solution. We have developed expertise in the analysis and predictions based on historical data from various sources.

We as team of expert can help in providing consultancy for arriving at the RFP document, execute and implement the solution and provide ongoing operational support.


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